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  • Drawing Strength From the Courage of Others

    Are we, however, to be always on the receiving end of the strength of others? As we draw strength from the courage of others, we must in turn become sources of strength and courage. Others look to us.

  • Reinstated

    Imagine a person’s being in such a position, and then coming forward to be “reinstated”!!! What that person needs to do is repent, fall on his knees before God, and confess to Him and to his brethren, “I have sinned,” and cry to God for mercy.

  • The Difficult Part

    Many before entering the Lord’s service, no doubt feel that once they have been baptized, become accustomed to attending worship periods regularly, and overcome some of their old habits, they will pretty well “have it made” in serving the Lord. Doing these outward services, however, is the easy side of obeying Christ. The difficult side […]

  • The Woman Whose Price Is Far Above Rubies

    “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies” (Prov. 31:10). These words serve to introduce the Bible picture of an ideal woman. This is God’s “ideal.” This is beauty as God sees beauty. This is God’s formula for happiness and contentment. We would emphasize that this is the ideal. This is the standard for which godly women strive.